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From Boy to Man - $97
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  • * Learn simple ways to build your son's confidence and self-worth
  • * Help your son build a healthy relationships with electronics
  • * Learn simple ways to teach your son communication skills and how to build healthy relationships.
  • * Discover ways to teach your son hard work and responsibility 
  • * Find new ways to support your son's learning and how to create a positive school environment
  • * Access to video lessons to learn at your own pace
  • * Downloadable PDFs to supplement each lesson
  • * Lifetime Access to all workshop materials

From Boy to Man
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ONE TIME OFFER: Parenthood is an adventure, and there's no greater gift than a closer relationship with your son. This mother and son journal will help to increase the bond between you and your son as you pass the journal back and forth answering a variety of fun questions that go beyond yes or no answers. Immediate Access to this printable PDF journal for only $9!

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